GEO Business 

May 2016

LW Partners return to Geo Business

LWP where back at Geo Business with a larger stand and a group of other companies to share the stand. Joining LWP were Argans Ltd, IGN (International) and MOST(AV). Argans were promoting their work with Satellite Bathymetry and transfering these skills to support data accuracy and charting. IGN has a broad skill set supporting mapping around the world and MOST (AV) highlighted the larger 5m AutoNaut vessel capable of supporting a number of maritime applications that need endurance. LWP continue to promote "sea sense" understanding the marine environment and maritime domain to support marine innovation. 
Although GEO Business is predominately land based survey systems, the team was able to bring a maritime slant to the geospatial theme. 

February 2016

Continued support for IConIC

LW Partners continue to support the IConIC project, see 2015 Archive. The prototype diesel monitoring systems are now collecting large amounts of data on operational ships to test developed theories from the test engine results. The data is revealing interesting results which will assist the team to fine tune the system and further develop this approach to condition based monitoring (CBM).

2015 Archive

Vessel Efficiency (VE) II IConIC Project

LWP work with Vessel Efficiency (VE) II IConIC project to interact with shipping companies, provide the real world opportunities to fully test VE II. Using established contacts and user experience LWP is able to provide advice to help bring ideas to new potential markets in the maritime domain. 

Link to Project IConIC
link to IConIC

A Standard for Satellite Derived Bathymetry

LWP with the Satellite Applications Catapult investigate a standard for Satellite Derived Bathymetry. During a period of consultation that looked at the potential for space based systems in the maritime domain, Satellite Derived Bathymetry was identified as an area for further development particularly given the emerging awareness of and demand for geospatial information in the near shore environment. The end result is a draft standard for Satellite Derived Bathymetry which can be used to build discussion between providers, existing and potential customers/users of this type of geospatial product/data.
This study was conducted by LWP with the support of the Satellite Applications Catapult. LWP presented their findings at Ocean Business 2015 in Southampton. The full draft SDB standard is available below.

Developing a standard for
Satellite Derived Bathymetry document  

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